Support Downloads

For help with downloads contact your GoldBox Reseller or call GoldBox Support at 779-423-6200.

F1 Help panels (if Microsoft disallows the Help on your system)



View Template for History/E-mail Archive (works with ALL GoldBox releases)


  1. Please ensure you are on 2008-T or later BEFORE dowloading this Template.
  2. Download and extract in the GoldBox root folder. Overwrite files if prompted.
  3. Access your GoldBox system. The Template will be assimilated.
  4. Go to your History/E-mail Archive Setup. Click the button at the lower right corner to Configure.
  5. Exit your setup, and go to the Views menu to Clipboard a Launch Statement.
  6. Add the launch statement to GoldMine, as a taskbar item or menu option.


8 Templates for Copying/Moving Tab Records

Available for GoldBox version 2008-K or later. Please update if necessary. These 8 tertiary GoldBox View templates are preset for Copy / Move of Calendar, History, Details and Additional Contacts and MUST be used instead of the Copy / Move capability in primary GoldBox Views. As an example, for History, one template is preset for a SINGLE History record you have highlighted in GoldMine. You do not need to alter the SQL Query. The other is for MULTIPLE History records, and for this template, you may wish to alter the SQL Query to pull History for the Main Contact based on a date range, Result Code, Reference value, etc.

CPYMVSQL.ZIP  (for GoldBox 7 and GoldBox SQL)

CPYMVDBF.ZIP  (for GoldBox 5 only)

BR7 Utility (without GoldBox Demo or Licensed copy)

PLEASE NOTE: The current BR7 Utility is always included in the latest GoldBox Updates. Download this utility only if you do NOT have a Demo or Licensed copy of GoldBox.

BR7 Utility is IDEAL for usage as your Windows default program for opening .DBF files.

BR7SETUP.EXE   2010-A 3..January..2010 (freeware dBase table browser – use with CAUTION, please!)

If the above install program does NOT open, please unzip the following in a separate folder (such as C:\BR7):

Download only if the NTWDBLIB.DLL file is missing from your Windows\System32 folder:


Download only if this table is missing from your GXSQL root folder:


42,000+ USA Zip Codes (includes Zip, City, State, Latitude and Longitude (to .6 mile accuracy), Historical Information)

Used by several Get() type functions in GoldBox for field replace expressions, such as GetCounty(), GetSlsTerr(), GeTimeZone(). If you want to import this file into GoldMine’s F2 Zip Lookups, you can. You can also add fields to ZIPTABLE.DBF with BR7, then use the GetTable() function to return them, based (typically) on a passed-in Zip / Postal Code.

Current to 2012 only  |  Updated: January 22nd, 2012  |  Size: 1.05 Mb

DOS (Clipper) dBase4 Browser (unzips to BR4.EXE)


Clipper/NTX and dBase III Plus File Browser